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Did you know your dental cleaning and exam are vital for a smooth and convenient orthodontic journey? Well, it’s true! This is why you need to have a routine dental cleaning and exam with your dentist every six months.

Because you have braces, your cleaning might be a little longer than usual—but not too much. To give you some more details about the details of your cleaning, Dr. Kimberly Gronberg and our orthodontic team would like to share some information about your appointment.

When you visit your dentist, the dental team will welcome you into the office. They will take good care of you and make you feel comfortable during your appointment. After helping you to the dental chair, the hygienist will take some X-rays of your mouth and will start a dental cleaning.

They will use special dental utensils to clean every surface of your teeth. When working around the brackets of your braces, your hygienist will remove the plaque that has hardened around the hardware. Once the teeth are clean, they will floss between your teeth. They will use a looped tool to get the floss through the space between the teeth and the wire of your braces. Then they will push the strand between the teeth and clean each side as well as along the gum line.

Your appointment should also include a thorough examination as well as a fluoride treatment to make sure your smile is and remains healthy and strong. If you have any questions or if you would like to know more about dental cleanings with braces in Highland Village, Texas, please call Gronberg Orthodontics at 972-966-2326. Our orthodontic team looks forward to hearing from you!