What to Do If You Have a Problem with Your Braces

Many orthodontic problems can be treated at home. Please watch the videos on how to deal with poking wires and use of wax on this site. If you are unable to resolve the problem using the advice listed here, please call us the next business day. If a problem happens on the weekend that is painful and you are unable to resolve it, please call the office at 972-966-2326 for instructions.

Please do not come directly to the office if you have a problem – by calling us, you will allow us to create a time to see you.

Typically, a broken bracket is not painful but can slide back and forth on the wire or slide off the wire completely if in the very back of the mouth. You may place wax over the bracket and wire if the area bothers you. You may have a situation that requires cutting a wire or sliding a bracket off a wire at night or over the weekend. If you need to cut a wire in case of an emergency, you may use fingernail clippers or a small wire cutter that has been washed and sterilized in alcohol. Please call our office the next business day so that we may schedule an appointment for you to have the bracket repaired. If your regular appointment is within 2 weeks, you may wait until your usual appointment and we will repair it then.

Sometimes, discomfort caused by a wire on your braces can be resolved by pushing the wire away from the irritated area with a cotton swab or eraser. If the wire will not move, try covering the end of it with a small piece of cotton or a small amount of wax. If the wire is painful, you can cut it with nail clippers or small wire cutter that has been washed and sterilized in alcohol. If you cannot resolve the wire irritation, call our office for an appointment.

Lost Separators
Most patients lose a separator during their treatment. Do not worry about losing a separator, but call our office to see if it needs to be replaced on the next business day.

New Braces/Appliance Discomfort
During the first week after your braces/appliance are placed and routine adjustments are complete, you will likely feel some pain, soreness or discomfort. You may take ibuprofen or acetaminophen while you adjust to your new braces. A warm wash cloth or heating pad may reduce the soreness in your jaws. Use wax to cover the braces in areas that are causing sore spots on the inside of the lips or cheeks. Wax stays on best if the area is dry when applied. Brace gel or over the counter mouth sore medication may be used on sore spots.

Forsus Springs and Herbst Appliance Discomfort
During the first couple weeks after this appliance is placed you may experience soreness similar to when you first got braces on. The inside of cheeks will need to get used to the appliance and sores may develop. This is normal but you need to treat the sore area so that it heals. After healing, the skin is tougher in the area and less prone to irritation. Use some cotton between the sore area of the cheek and the appliance to temporarily relieve the rubbing. You may use our brace gel on any sore spots or use an over-the-counter topical mouth sore medication. Call our office if any of the above do not relieve symptoms. We may need to temporarily remove what is causing the irritation until tissue heals.

If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Gronberg Orthodontics for further info in Highland Village, Texas. Dr. Gronberg and Dr. Sugay would be happy to answer any questions you have for our orthodontist in Flower Mound and the surrounding areas.