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With some pretty significant holidays coming up in the next two months, there will be lots of great food prepared that you are going to want to enjoy. If you are wearing braces, don’t forget all the food instructions you were given when your braces were placed like the ones below. And if you have questions, call us!

Be careful when eating hard foods like pizza crusts, chips, tacos, raw carrots, and apples. Don’t bite directly into the food; break it or cut it into small bite-sized pieces then chew carefully and gently with your back teeth.

Cut corn off the cob and meat from the bone.

Avoid all hard or sticky candy like suckers, skittles, starbursts, jolly ranchers, taffy, gummies, caramel, etc.

Avoid hard or chewy foods like bagels, hard nuts, hard pretzels, beef jerky, Slim Jims, etc.

Avoid munching on popcorn.

Avoid chewing ice cubes; eat shaved ice only.

Chew only sugar-free gum.

Drink fewer beverages with sugar and little or no sodas. It is also best to brush or rinse with water after drinking anything with sugar, especially Gatorade, etc.