Why Straight Teeth?

TO SOME, IT MIGHT seem like the benefits of having straight teeth are purely cosmetic. And those benefits certainly do exist. Studies have shown that people tend to perceive someone with straight teeth as wealthier, happier, and more dateable than someone with crooked teeth. But there are plenty of other important benefits as... Read more »

Impress Your Friends With Dental Trivia

  MOST PEOPLE OUTSIDE of teeth-related professions probably only think about their teeth when something’s wrong, like when there’s something stuck between them in the middle of a date, they’re sore from a toothache, or they’re stained after drinking coffee or juice. That’s why we thought our patients would appreciate an... Read more »

Making Malocclusions Bite The Dust

A MALOCCLUSION OCCURS when the upper and lower teeth don’t fit together properly, which can lead to a variety of problems. These bad bites can impact our speech, our digestion (by making it difficult to chew our food), contribute to TMJ syndrome, and even put our teeth in danger of breaking.... Read more »

Why Do We Get Crooked Teeth?

IF BABY TEETH almost always grow in straight, then why are adult teeth so often crooked? What is it, if not just bad luck? There are competing theories, but adult teeth can come in crooked for a variety of reasons, from genetics to diet to daily habits. Shifts In Society’s Diet…And... Read more »

Soda Versus Our Teeth

HAVE YOU EVER HEARD of “Mountain Dew Mouth”? It’s what happens to our teeth when we drink too much soda. The term comes from rural Appalachia, where that particular drink has long been the carbonated beverage of choice and tooth decay is alarmingly common. But this doesn’t just happen in... Read more »

Alternative Ways To Get Calcium In Your Diet

CALCIUM AND MILK go together like fluoride and toothpaste. Without the former, it can be hard to find the latter. And, like fluoride, calcium is essential to our oral health. How Calcium Benefits Your Oral Health We all know that calcium is the main component of our teeth and jaw... Read more »

Five Quick Braces-Friendly Breakfast Ideas

WHEN YOU HAVE BRACES, it can sometimes be tricky to find good food to eat that won’t put all those crucial brackets and wires at risk. Finding the right food is even trickier if you’ve just had your braces tightened and things are still a little tender. That’s why we’re dedicating... Read more »

Orthodontic Options for Your Son or Daughter

Most people need orthodontic work at some point, and it’s best to do it soon after your child’s permanent teeth come in. Gronberg Orthodontics would like you and your son or daughter to be aware of all your options, so together you can make the best choice. Here’s a short... Read more »

How to Help Your Bleeding Gums When You Have Braces

Do your gums bleed when you clean your smile or even when you eat? If so, you need to take better care of your gums each day. Now, we know oral hygiene might be difficult when you have braces, but it doesn’t make brushing and flossing less important. In fact,... Read more »

Brushing Tips that Can Help You Properly Scrub Your Teeth and Braces

Do you have braces? If so, you most likely know how important it is to brush your teeth and appliance regularly throughout the day. Now, little did you know, an ineffective brushing routine doesn’t do much for your smile, so it’s important to have a proper brushing routine. To help... Read more »